Mirasys Protecting Business
and Enhancing Operations

We are setting gold standards in video surveillance and data analytics, discovering meaningful insights into the real world through cutting-edge AI based technologies.

Mirasys India is Your Partner In Security!

Mirasys offers Unified Platform with Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence

  • Mirasys Ltd, founded in 2018, is an industry pioneer in providing top-of-the-line Video Management Solutions for CCTV camera surveillance applications, designed to help organizations manage and utilize information captured by digital video cameras. Mirasys India is a globally recognized provider of IP-based security solutions, including building management, access control, Fire Alarm System and automatic number plate recognition solutions.
  • Today, Mirasys solutions are being used in various industries such as law enforcement, city surveillance, retail store chains and outlets, oil and gas, manufacturing, transport, logistics, educational institutes, sports, entertainment, banking, utility and healthcare, and other sectors.

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Innovation-driven approach for safeguarding people, assets and enterprises with our world-class and future-ready unified software platform.

Mirasys India
Automated System Analytics
  • Low TCO and Affordable AI for all.

  • 90% Accuracy on day 1 of deployment.

  • Flexible Business Models
    (VSAAS , Capex+ Opex)

Important Our goal is to give our customers the most versatile and user-friendly platform possible.