Mirasys India Artificial Intelligence Based Video Analytics and Surveillance Solutions

It provides intelligent video surveillance solutions that deliver cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms to help businesses improve their security and operational efficiency.

Mirasys AI Video Analytics Benefits. explore our services

  • Real-time object detection and classification

    The AI-powered system can detect and classify objects in real-time, such as people, vehicles, and other objects, helping organizations to quickly respond to security incidents.

  • Automated alerts & notifications

    The system can generate automated alerts and notifications based on pre-defined rules and parameters, allowing organizations to quickly respond to potential security threats.

  • Easy Integration

    Mirasys AI video analytics is designed to be easily integrated with existing security and surveillance systems, allowing organizations to maximize the value of their existing investments.

ImportantMirasys AI video analytics provides advanced video analytics capabilities, including people counting, object tracking, and queue management, helping organizations to optimize their operations and improve customer experience.

Mirasys AI Video Analytics can deliver real-time insights and automated alerts that help organizations detect and respond to security threats.

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