Fully integrated automatic number plate recognition (ANPR, LPR) solution by Mirasys

It scales easily to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. ANPR+ contains modern web-interface for real time vehicle monitoring, management, guidance and statistics. System provides versatile toolbox for full utilization of vehicle recognition data.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition. explore our services

  • Expandable

    Mirasys VMS Enterprise cameras can be used with inbuilt recognition engine and additionally recognition results can be received from external sources

  • Scaleable

    System can be scaled to many different environments and usage purposes even without any physical adjustments by utilizing inbuilt logical components like cameras, lanes, zones, displays and I/O devices

  • Localization

    Recognition handles hundreds of different number plate types and user interface supports all common character sets

  • Easy to Use

    Modern web-interface with access control features enables application usage and management both locally and via public network

Important Real time monitoring, video recordings, list management tools, access control rules and notifications, dynamic statistics and two way integrations.

Accurate information from massive datasets and generating quick alerts in real-time that aids you in modernising traffic management.

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