Mirasys VMS Enterprise is a
powerful video surveillance solution

Scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The system can support thousands of analog and/or IP cameras in one centrally managed environment. The system is easy to integrate with other systems and the user interface is available in 19 languages.

  • Powerful VMS

    Upto 150 recording servers and 128 cameras per recording server in one centrally managed network domain.

  • Wide Camera Support

    Supports thousands of IP and analog camera models from all major camera manufacturers with multi streaming, multicasting and audio.

  • Customizable

    User Interface extensions (plugins) to enable visual video searching, 360-camera dewarping, VCA, ANPR, centralized management reporting, Agile Video Matrix (AVM), and other functions.

  • Flexible

    Open platform architecture supports Access Control, intruder alarm and other integrations and a wide variety of 3rd party partners.

Important Mirasys VMS Enterprise can be extended with intelligent Video Content Analytics (VCA), Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), and Reporting solutions.

Robust vigilance that focuses on the safety and security of customers and employees in branch offices, secured vaults and ATMs.

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