Mirasys India Intelligent Traffic Management System Solutions (ITMS)

The primary goal of ITMS Solution is to utilize information technology to modernize key functions of traffic management, Traffic control, Traffic Law enforcement & traffic information dissemination in the city to build a safer city.

Intelligent Traffic Management System Benefits. explore our services

  • Detection of Congestion¬†

    Traffic control unit gets information from the sensors and peripherals and helps to identify congestion of traffic. Based on the detection, the system takes self-decisions and performs an operation to reduce traffic.

  • Traffic light timing in real-time

    The smart traffic management system helps traffic light to operate in real-time conditions. Traffic operates based on traffic congestion automatically.

  • Safety from road accidents

    Due to the deployment of this system, the chances of road accidents can be minimized.

ImportantDue to the good management of traffic flow, pollution can be reduced.

The rich and open interfaces of the platform allow any type of VCA solution to be integrated in the Mirasys VMS itself with no changes required.

Seamless integration
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