Mirasys Video Content Analytics (VCA) offers intelligent analytic options

Mirasys VCA offers added value to the video management system by increasing the understanding of motion paths and viewing what type of actions are caused. Mirasys VCA can be applied on all supported cameras, whether analog or IP.

Mirasys Video Content Analytics Benefits. explore our services

  • Powerful

    Pre-packaged integrated analytics available per camera. Supports full VCA functionality with camera stabilization, object classification and enter / exit, direction, vehicle speed, stopping, dwell time, etc. filtering.

  • Versatile

    The setup is versatile and supports, for example, different type of vehicle classification, zone definitions, entering directions and vehicle speed. You have over 40 different analytic alternatives available per one camera picture. The object that is analyzed can have several different analysis going on at one time.

  • Reliable

    Tested and approved for high-accuracy detection and recognition. Meta-data is saved to common database for easy searching, and tamper detection mechanisms to prevent camera vandalism and data forging.

ImportantVCA also supports thermal cameras.

The rich and open interfaces of the platform allow any type of VCA solution to be integrated in the Mirasys VMS itself with no changes required.

Seamless integration
Mirasys Video Content Analytics - (VCA)