Mirasys India Unified Platform With Inbuilt Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence
Automated System Analytics.

Mirasys India unified software platform is one of the preferred choice to collect, store, and provide data from CCTV cameras and other related sensors. Find out more

Mirasys India – Mirasys unified software platform allows for an extreme amount of flexibility and usability.

A video management solution that is unified,
futuristic and secure to meet the challenges.

Mirasys India- Automated System Analytics

Mirasys Unified Software Platform

Mirasys India is dedicated to being a partner
for all of your security needs.

Important Mirasys technology provides extensive modularity to support any user needs

Mirasys India Solutions

Mirasys technology provides extensive modularity
to support any user needs and requirements.

  • Video Management System

    Mirasys India VMS is a feature-rich video surveillance solution that scales easily to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes

  • Al Based Video Analytics

    Deep learning based Analytics comprises a set of real-time video analytics solution.

  • Reporting & Dashboards

    It can be used to build dynamics reports based on multiple data source including VCA events, VMS alarms, Audit trail events, Watchdog events.

  • ITMS

    Mirasys Intelligent traffic management system provides versatile toolbox for full utilization of vehicle recognition data.

  • Integrations

    It’s an open platform device independent video management solution that gives broad range of option to our customers to customize the solution according to their requirements.

  • Appliance

    The Mirasys AI and Recording Appliance product selection combines the Mirasys software VMS with carefully selected components specifically designed for the video surveillance market.

    Artificial Intelligence based Automated System Analytics. Find out solutions

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    Artificial intelligence based solutions for deriving actionable information from video data, and making the world smarter, safer and happier.

    Mirasys India
    Growth Mantra

    Mirasys India Real Vision Artificial Intelligence Based Analytics

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    solutions for your industry

    At Mirasys India, we aim to be a top-tier provider of physical security products, services, and solutions that employs intelligent and innovative networking.

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    Why Choose Mirasys India. explore our services

    • Highly encrypted and Cyber Secured, the best in the industry: 384bit SHA & 4096bit RSA
    • All AI Analytics uses 3D calibration, supervised as well as an unsupervised Learning methodology.
    • Flexibility to use Rule-based Analytics in different camera with Low TCO (Total Cost of ownership).

    Important Unified Platform for Video Management, Video Analytics, AI-based used cases with Dashboards.

    Deep Learning Based Analytics

    Best R&D team combined experience of 240+ man-years in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

    • Solid Waste Management

      •Graffiti and Vandalism detection.

      •Debris and Garbage detection.

      •Garbage bin, cleaned or not at- tendance of sanitization worker garbage truck load.

    • Intelligent Traffic Management

      • Parking violation

      • Abandoned Bag detection

      • Accident detection.

      • No Helmet Detection.

      • Triple Riding Detection.

      • Overspeed Detection.

      • Wrong-Way Detection.

      • Traffic Congestion.

      • Vehicle Classification.

      • Data Visualization Platform.

    • Citizens Safety

      • Detection and Recognize the pattern of demonstration and conflicts in crowd.

      • Detection and classification of human, animal and vehicle.

      • Loitering detection.

      • Person climbing barricade.

      • Person collapsing.

      • Women’s Safety

    • Warehouse Surveillance

      • Inventory Management

      • Defect Detection

      • Intrusion Detection

      • Theft Detection

      • Warehouse security

      • Motion Detection

      • Person/Object tracking

      • People counting

      Why Mirasys India

      Mirasys India is World’s No.1 Solution that can be deployed in multiple ways.