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Mirasys Analytics with Intel- Mirasys India Artifical Intelligence

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“AI encapsulates a wide range of computer science for learning, logic, and perception.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella for computer algorithms used to make software and machines that detect objects, and human speech, solve problems and learn like humans. Over the years, Intel has greatly invested in the artificial intelligence market. AI-based products of Intel include an AI assistant that uses voice recognition, pass-through messaging in retail, banking, hospitality, and much more. 

Similarly, Mirasys offers a list of analytical solutions such as Crowd Detection and Crowd Estimation, Red Light Violation, Women Safety Detection, Vehicle Stopped Detection, Automatic Number plate Recognition, Face Mask detection, etc. 

Recently, Mirasys has been awarded as “Company Of The Year” by CIOReviewIndia. Further, the Key USPs of Mirasys include the low total cost of ownership with a minimum of 30% hardware need, Cyber Secured and highly encrypted, and a great value for money as its solution can handle 256+ cameras per recorder. It further has storage and bandwidth optimization, all AI analytics via 3D calibration, and a lot more. 

Quick Insights From Co-Webinar – Mirasys Analytics With Intel

On 29th June 2022, Mirasys launched a co-webinar on Microsoft Team on “Mirasys Analytics With Intel.” The guest speakers were Mr. Yudvir Rana (Business Leader Edge AI & Vision- Intel) and Mr. Sandeep Singh (Sales Head, Mirasys India) shared their respective views on AI and AI using Intel Technology.

Mr. Yudvir talked about “Visual Intelligence at the Edge.” He cited “using AI technology, businesses can extract valuable video insights in a time-saving way!” Visual Intelligence is greatly benefiting several fields. 

  1. Video sensors help in threat detection, speed detection, the vehicle stopped detection, and much more. He further added, “video monitoring camera technology is changing from analog to digital and enabling users to upgrade”. 
  2. Visual Intelligence also works best in the case of real-time decision-making, like face detection. 
  3. Next, Edge Intelligence can help with bandwidth storage operating costs. 


Video analytics is driving growth for IT professionals. Over 61% of IT experts say their storage capacity isn’t enough to support more video loads. Whereas, about 49% have no plans for adding security and safety analytic capabilities. To this, Mr. Yuvdir says, “Current developments are inadequate to fulfill the upcoming business needs for AI at the edge”. 

Considering Cybersecurity, Mr. Yuvdir says, “Intel has developed a holistic security action strategy to help safeguard from build to retire.” Intel is offering a collection of protection, governance, and tools, for its product. As well as walking with the ecosystem to enhance the product life. Intel is bringing optimized hardware & software solutions like Edge AI analytics, media, security, storage, and long life cycles of products up to 15 years. Mr. Yuvdir is looking forward to Intel and Mirasys’s collaboration to meet global and geographical extensions.

Mr. Sandeep Singh also shared his thoughts on the current challenges and what new initiatives Mirasys has taken for betterment. Followed by a case study on “Smart City Needs”, and how Mirasys has resolved real-life problems with its solutions. Key challenges listed by him were: 

1. About 1.3 Mn people are killed by road accidents,
2. With the increasing crime rate in India, women’s crimes
3. Fire and smoke accidents

To reduce all these, Mirasys offers camera sensors and AI software solutions. He further added that Mirasys has made analytics solutions for COVID situations, like face mask detection and social distancing. The session ended with questions from participants and it lasted for about 45 minutes. 

Mirasys Analytics With Intel 

Mirasys & Intel provides an unmatched AI use cases deployment ecosystem mixed with a heterogeneous profile of AI-optimized hardware. 

Further, Mirasys offers Artificial Intelligence based Analytics used cases with Intel Processors of various generations such as:

  1. Ice Lake (3rd generation Xeon processors) 
  2. Cascade Lake (2nd generation Xeon processor) 
  3. Sky Lake (1st generation Xeon Processor) 
  4. AI Intel accelerator Movidius VPU for edge 
  5. Video Analytics Software & Video Management Software


To Conclude

Mirasys analytics with Intel is a collaboration in the domain of AI. Both companies agree there is a great need and importance for AI in everyday use. Be it women’s safety, accident detection, face detection, and red light violation, AI can be greatly used in almost all fields. India’s AI market is forcasting a growth of 6.3$ Billion by the end of 2025 at an 18.1% CAGR. Further, a special webinar was held on “Mirasys analytics with Intel” where Mr. Sandeep Singh and Mr. Yuvdir Rana from both companies shared their company’s insights. 

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