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Gandhi Nagar Smart City- Mirasys India

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Gandhinagar, located on the western bank of holy Sabarmati river is the second planned city of India. It is named after the father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, is a hub of rich cultural heritage, famous temples like Akshardham Temple, and serene environment which provides an enriching experience to the visitors. The city was announced to become the smart city of India and it was the first one to be deployed. With the aim to make Gandhinagar the most liveable smart city on the planet, Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation (GMC) came up with Smart City Proposal to provide the citizens the world-class facilities with digitally accessibility to administrative services. With a proven track record of success and delivering the best solution, Mirasys was chosen as the VMS partner for this significant project.

Mirasys State of the art Video management platform effectively manages all the devices centrally. Mirasys uses encryption at different levels between server to server communication, server to client communication and while exporting making the solution most robust in the industry The VMS supports distributed viewing of any camera in the system using Video walls or big-screen displays. Mirasys also provided alarm management solution which allows the continuous monitoring of the operational status and event-triggered alarms from system servers, cameras, and other external devices. Understanding that citizen safety is the priority of a smart city, Mirasys real-time monitoring of different areas of the city enhanced the security of citizens while also allowed better traffic management. Today, because of real-time monitoring, the administration has got additional hands that helps in identifying miscreants within a short span of time. The scalable feature of Mirasys help in easy integration with Event Management / Incident Management System if implemented by Gandhinagar Police in the future. The Mirasys spotter is enabled with an object Tracking feature that works on Fixed Camera as well.  Another feature of Mirasys, ThruCast allows Spotter and Agile Virtual Matrix (AVM) to be configured to stream video directly from the cameras to the client application. The recording servers will still record the video even if in case of recording server failure, Live viewing will continue and additional bandwidth for viewing will not be required. The Mirasys storyboard feature helped the administrative bodies of Gandhinagar to Create and view evidence that shows “what happened”. This feature Creates, edit, export and share incident “movies” from clips from multiple cameras with labels, descriptions, and comments. It is capable of playing clips of at least 16 cameras sequentially in the desired order, or simultaneously in a grid. Also, it Exports storyboard “movie” with bookmarks and comments.

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